In every society the success of a business is measured by the positive difference that it makes towards the lives of the people and the impact that it has on our natural world. A vast number of businesses today focus on short term goals of profits without addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time, especially in the developing regions. Since 2002, Globally Managed Services has been fostering public and private businesses in ASEAN-India corridor and implementing innovative and world-class strategy and insights that impact social and environmental footprint of organizations. We help businesses become a catalytic force and emerge as leaders who create the changes they want to see in the world.

Spanning its impact across varied industries such as Agriculture, Iron and Steel to Mining, Healthcare and Tourism, Logistics and Telecommunications, our services are locally crafted to address global business and environmental challenges leading to facilitate equitable access to natural resources and biodiversity conservation. Through our team of professionals and thought leaders, we influence policies, reforms and legislations, strengthen government relations and implement actions that drive sustainable growth. Our aim is to improve the lives of communities we work with and foster sustainable economic prosperity. Partnering with Balipara Foundation in the North-East region of India, we serve local communities through the concepts of Naturenomics™ and Rural Futures to promote socio-economic and environmental interdependence

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